“Photography is…

“Photography is not an art. Neither is painting, nor sculpture, literature or music. They are only different media for the individual to express his aesthetic feelings… You do not have to be a painter or a sculptor to be an artist. You may be a shoemaker. You may be creative as such. And, if so, you are a greater artist than the majority of the painters whose work is shown in the art galleries of today.”

Alfred Stieglitz


The modern darkroom..

We live in the era of advanced technology, with smartphones and compact cameras in inexpensive prices and is so easy to take a photo anymore. The latest trend in this wave of excitement, is the designing of apps that can actually edit a photo on your phone! This is the modern darkroom.. And I remember when I was learning photography with the black and white film, how many hours I had to explore myself with the chemicals and the photographic emulsion, surrounding me. Easy uploading on networking websites, made it even easier, for someone… someone to be a photographer? Is this really so easy? then why people do it professionally? why there are school of arts, who needs that? Maybe these people want to be artists and this is fine. Are photographers artists? and if they used to be, are they still? what’s the value of photography, of this “modern” photography? Imagine what would happen if it was the same easy to create paintings or other pieces of art.

After some point, there is no meaning, but loss of integrity, hidden in excitement and fun.

What patience brings to politeness..

People can be patient with different things or situations, but can also be polite, can they be both? In my opinion yes we can be both polite and patient, even if it is hard sometimes to tell the difference between these two. Usually when a person is polite it also appears patient, but this can suddenly change, for example if someone loosed his/her patience, is not polite anymore. A different tone in the voice, a more rapid movement or anxious behavior can reveal what is really happening. What it is frustrating sometimes, is when you talk with someone about someone else and your friend tells you that this person is very patient etc. When you meet this person you realize that what your friend was talking about was not patience, but politeness. However being polite first, it always fosters a positive atmosphere and if the other person does not keep a similar attitude, at least it is not your fault. Just remember to keep your politeness, even if you have lost your patience : )

Successful with success..

Today being a person with a nice job, high salary and many invitations to give talks or go to parties, is usually correlated with success. I am not sure if it is successfully said, but in my opinion it is not. Why success has to be something that is decided based on a comparison to other people´s ´´successes´´but not just by the personal willings? Is it possible that anyone else knows better than you do about what you want to do? In my opinion success is whether or not you create what you were dreaming of, reach the level that you were expecting to or provide solutions to your problems that you were deciding to. Success has a personal character by itself and can not be judged by comparing to anything else, but yourself. Of course comparison is good, but it has its limits and these are where it starts being copying and not critically comparing. In other words, we can expect us to be successful when we have completed what we loved to, just this. Success is going to make you happy for few minutes or hours or days, while love will keep you happy forever, even if you do not succeed…

A thought about social love..

People like to love and to be loved, I am not sure if there is someone who does not want to interfere with these actions and/or reactions. It is something precious and we value it a lot, but when we are angry with it (or better with someone) we can easily say that it is just a pink cloud and there is no true love.  For now, let’s see the positive side of it, the one that makes us happy when we have it. If we take a look at the everyday world, I do not think it is so obvious that we like love, as there are so many opposite “signs”, we have wars, we have hunger, we have crime. Maybe it is so precious that we keep it only for ourselves and our family and we do not want to share with people that we do not know. It is not money, it is love, it is not material, it is immaterial, it is free as some say, but still so precious, so personal, so specific and limited. I thought that when something is precious, you take care of it, you protect it, but with love works in a different way, love needs to be released, it needs to reach far away in order to be successful. Otherwise is it love?